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Blending all aspects of skin care, design, foods, and 30 something mom life…

Blended aesthetics

Real mom life….upper 30’s, city girl living the rural life, career women turned stay at home mom….all while trying to keep “me” and fuse it all together…to create the a beautiful life.

My name is Katie, the creator of Blended Aesthetics.

Katie Brown
Aesthetician, wife, mother,foodie and design-a-holic

What exactly is “blended aesthetics”?

Aesthetics is “concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty”


Blended is “to put or combine abstract things together”.


As an Aesthetician, I use the word “aesthetics” often. It applies to design, food, fashion, hobbies, and everything in life that gets blended together.
I stared my career as an Aesthetician in 1999, I worked in spas, owned skin.therapy my own skin studio, was lead at a medical skin clinic, advancing to a professional skin care consultant/educator.
I left my Aesthetic career almost 6 years ago, but have stayed active “behind the Scene”. I love researching ingredients in food, skin care, and supplements to learn and how they affect the skin, body, and mind!I am happily married, raising two children running our chaotic household. My husband has a thriving career, we have learned to balance our life best for our family. Over the past few years I have “stayed home” , which allows me to research and pull together project renovations to our home, meals, and family life. While keeping up to date on skin care and ingreidents.
I volunteer in several areas in our community, and I am very involved with my kids! I am excited to share my research, time, and taking the risk to put it all together!

Sharing details of our lives is personal…very personal! If no one shared, how would we seal confirmation, approval, support, or knowledge? I love relating to others, having similar thoughts and ideas. I absolutely get excited when I look into something and see someone’s else has done the research for me! Read my blogs, but please no judgement allowed . Until you have walked in my shoes….well, you know the saying! Much love to all that share my passions!



“Aesthetic beauty surrounds us, if you choose to see it”

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