Blended Aesthetic’s Favorites

Brands and products we

Skin care:

EVER skin care, hand downs! Ever skin care is a favorite of mine, because of the unique ingredients, delivery, and it is free of harsh additives most skin care brands contain. I started useing EVER in December of 2016 and saw results with these ingredients. Most natural “safe” brands are AHHHMAZING but do very little to deliver. I love the brand so much, I signed up as an independent business owner….yes, I know that sounds silly…I am not one for the MLM type or social sales, but man- I couldn’t resist the discount and I wanted to share with my clients this amazing new brand!! Contact me with any questions, I promise I won’t try and “Sell” ! I also won’t ask you to “join my team”, I am more than happy to share that information- but my love is simply because of the ingredients and results! Email Katie at [email protected] or check out my EVER website for more information 

Smooth EVER


Besides from EVER’s sheer tint, I use mainly glominerals. I worked with glominerals since I opened my first skin spa back in 2004! I prefer their sun kiss bronzer over any other one I have tried. W3ll People is another big favorite of mine, especially their biocorrect. It gives amazing coverage and doesn’t make me or my daughter break out! I am a frequent birch box user, so I have many other finds!

Essential Oils:

I use mainly young living, I like their background and price point. I get mine from Amanda Greenig [email protected] I also really like Mountain rose herbs, I use them for my butters, seeds, and misc. too!


I typically go in “spurts” sometimes I am all about powders and oils, then others I completely get off and lose all dedication! Some are also must have’s on hand, but not used often.

  • Great Lakes collagen
  • HUM nutrition
  • Vitamin D drops
  • activated charcoal
  • Red palm oil
  • coconut oil
  • EVER smooth
  • MTC oil
  • CLA
  • probiotics
  • NDS nutrition vanilla creme protein powder

More to come!



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