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Red palm oil properties

The RED ingredient you need!

One problem most of us face (pun intended) is dry skin! I have used so many products on myself and clients over the years to…

Ever skin care Katie brown

Skin care products are everywhere!

Skin care products are everywhere! Big box stores, department stores, salons, Dr. offices, drugstores, convenience stores, supermarkets, commercials, online Ads, even your neighbors and friends…

Quinoa chicken corn almond peanut sauce

Quinoa Chicken peanut bowl!

Easy quinoa chicken peanut bowl We were away for a 5 day work/school vacation (which ended up being spent in the ER and not at…

Blended aesthetics polywood

How Do You #RethinkOutdoor? Part 2

I absolutely love my polywood! I entered a contest this summer (i sadly didn’t win). I am humbled that one of my favorite spaces was…

Blended aesthetics pumpkin spice latte

Easy pumpkin spice latte!

Easy pumpkin spice latte

Halloween Mantel decoration

My 5 year old has loved Halloween since he was 9 months old! Here is what he came up with this year, he wanted it…