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1960’s door transformed with Chalk paint! 

Chalked Paint

It seems everyone is using chalk paint. A few years ago, I couldn’t get enough of looking on Pinterest for before/after photos and what chalk paint could be used on. We have a wall in our dining room that is black chalk paint (spray paint) I got a little out of control and used chalk paint on bins for my daughter’s room, toy boxes….it helped for labeling! I did a few furniture pieces with a craft like paint (Americana Decor ) and wax. Honestly, those pieces have held up very well! I didn’t get into distressing it much, as I am drawn to coastal theme aesthetics, rather than the modern farmhouse look.

Americana painted ikea shelf
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It was so easy to paint my ikea laminate furniture I had purchased for a my skin studio I owned years ago. A few of the pieces are in my dining room to add some dimension to the rather larger empty room.My latest project using chalk paint, was one I was a little nervous about…a door. Not any door, the door to our porch that is from the 50”s . I really like the modern look of the door, so why purchase a new one similar? One big problem with the door-  I am 99.9% sure it has lead paint on it. This means, no stripping or sanding. I didn’t think chalk paint would be an option, because it will be exposed to moisture since the porch is only screened in, the room does not have air conditioning or heat.


I went to Menards and picked up some pre-mixed chalk paint by rust-oleum. Serenity blue, linen white, and aged gray. These colors were gorgeous, perfect colors! I also purchased minwax polycrylic in matte finish, I was reading can after can, and decided this one should work best.

This door is so unique, it is an old exterior storm door. A screened-in porch was built onto the house about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t place footings and then tiled the concrete floor, so it is falling away from the house. We decided to do some repairs to the porch for the time being, but in the future, it will need to be torn off and we will decide then what to do. In the meantime, we enjoy this space. It is perfect for mosquito infested nights, or if it’s just a little too cool to sit outside. It also houses where we can have food out when entertaining in the summer. The kids also come this way into the house after playing in the lake, so they don’t track water and sand all over!
I cleaned the door with soap and water, It was stained! Using a normal paint brush and went at it. The colors I decided on were serenity blue for the door & linen white for the frame. It took only two applications! It dries very fast, which made the wait short. The coverage was impressive, it applied very well. Because of the brush I used, it was a little streaky I think it added texture. I waited a few days (I got busy!) and applied the minwax with a foam brush. It does drip, because it is a thinner consistency, so I had to move fast. I applied one coat on the entire door and frame.
It gave it more of a painted “finished” look. I am very impressed with the ease of this project, I can’t wait to do more with rust-oleum’s chalked paint!



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