Coffee+ yogurt scrub

Sometimes you do not need an uber expensive product to make your skin instantly glow! Over the years, I have made my own skincare, I still do. It’s interesting how many people make specialty products at home. Recently, my sister made me an adorable container of lip scrub that is too die for, along with other essential oil creations she comes up with. While visiting my mom last week, she sent me home with a couple of bars of homemade soap. She makes all sorts of bath goodies, some smell so good I want to eat them up! A friend of mine and I were messaging about “bad for you ingredients” and she shared a few of her favs to make at home.
The problems I always face with diy skincare are why most products we all use are purchased. 1.) shelf life. These are meant to use same day or within a few weeks. 2.) quality ingredients. Finding the ingredients that we need can be tough to find locally and all fresh at the same time. 3.) cost. I have found that purchasing can be more affordable than making. 4.) TIME. Who has the time?

There are several “go-to” diy remides I use, and as I put more time into blogging in the fall I plan to share some easy and creative combinations! One of my favorites is so incredibly simple, I wonder why I don’t do it more often? Simple, simple. Coffee grounds + yogurt = body and facial scrub! It’s not only a “scrub” it is an antioxidant power player along with exfoliating Lactic acid….say whaaaaat?? Yes, easy and effective. There are a few do’s and don’ts. First, I prefer fresh coffee grounds, but any will do. Make sure they are finely ground. Course grounds could cause tiny tears in the skin if too abravise. Second, plain yogurt only. Vanilla is ok, but plain high fat good quality is what will give your skin a big boost in exfoliation and hydration, because of the lactic acid.
How much of each do you ask? Well, if you know my cooking or skincare recipes at all….I rarely measure! It’s annoying, I know…I just don’t…and maybe I should start soon:) I say consistency depends on what type of yogurt and how finely ground the coffee beans are. When you apply the mixture to your face, you don’t want it to feel scratchy it should be smooth with a little grit. As for the body, a little more texture favorable for exfoliation. For your body, just apply in small circles and rinse (shower is best). As for the face, make sure your face is clean, do not apply serums just cleansed skin. I like using the Luminous cleanser. Gently massage onto skin and rinse thoroughly. Want to make it even better?? Apply it to dry/damp skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes before massaging it in circular motion. After your skin (body) is rinsed completely, I apply a homemade body butter (my mom makes an amazing mango butter one!) or my #1 go to fresh, antioxidant packed, ultrahydrating Lavish body butter. I will tell you, the skin on my face glows after and I put on youthful and complete with EVER hydralift to seal it all in!
I know your skin will enjoy this treat, I mean my body craves coffee in any form….so it loves this mixture right up!

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