How to make a breadless breakfast

Easy “bread Less” Egg sandwich

Easy Bread less 

Egg sandwich!

Keto egg sandwich

Breakfast is the start of a new day, so it’s best to begin with something delicious!

I found this to be trial and error with getting the eggs perfect. I usually went to my “go to” sandwich maker, but that doesn’t cook the egg evenly without the BREAD…..

Egg sandwich

My husband thought it was too pretty to eat, but once he got over that 🙂 he thought it was perfect, also filling enough without the bread! Like any sandwich it can’t be too overwhelming with flavors or the opposite, lack flavor. The first one (pictured above) lacked flavor, except for the amazing flavorful applegate farms chicken and maple breakfast patties. I experienced with salt, pepper, raw honey, cayenne pepper, and Himalayan sea salt and have made each one a little different. Adding in peppers, Microgreens, cheese, avocado and any other favorite breakfast sandwich go to will make these sandwiches fit anyone’s morning taste! 

Bread less sandwich

This can also be made as a single serve frittatas. Using the mason jar lids or these super easy to use Ozera silicon nonstick egg rounds purchased from Egg round

Now how do you make these delicious egg rounds? It is so simple, I wish I would have known sooner. I thought about it when using my instant pot, of course! Steam!



So after some trial and error, I found the best is to spray a nonstick pan lightly with an oil. I used a spray avocado oil, spraying also the molds that you plan on using. Turn on your stove top to medium heat to get the pan warmed up. Pour the mixture very slowly into the molds, not filling to high. Silicon egg rounds

Let it settle, then pour in a little water around the rounds, i used about 1/3 of a cup. Then turn up the heat and cover to create steam.


Within a few minutes you will have perfectly cooked/steamed egg rounds! I did flip them over to cook the top a little more, but they didn’t need it. Get creative with these, the possibilities are endless to create unique small breakfast plates.

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