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We decided to make this our forever home. We had ideas of “how to” and what we envisioned. To pull it all together seemed impossible. Completely impossible. 


This is only a “teaser” of the exterior project, the interior was much more enjoyable! Oh, and I should mention…we lived here during. 8-10 hours a day of construction for over a year (we did get a few weeks here and there of “breaks”). We are still in the mist of landscaping, so it seems to never end!

Our home was built in the late 1950’s and an addition (larger than the original) was added in the late 1970’s. Every inch of the house was screaming “update me” ! Remodeling should be exciting and fun, but it isn’t fun when everything needs to be done at once. The 24 windows were rotten, the siding was rotten, The deck was not usable. The roof of the house was a flat rubber roof, which in Minnesota is crazy! The heavy snow, the freezing/thawing, and lack of insulation made it a major concern.

In my blog posts, The different areas will be featured with the reasons we used  certain products. There will be details of color selections and pulling it all together without a designer. For me, it was a full time job!



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