Halloween Mantel decoration

My 5 year old has loved Halloween since he was 9 months old! Here is what he came up with this year, he wanted it “spooky” but not scary! 

He wanted to decorate the entire house, so this year we went to target and purchased a few decorations for him to use. I am pretty impressed! Of course, I had to help with placement and a few ideas….but most of this was his doing! He knew he wanted purple lights, a skeleton in the boat (on mantle). Destin even said to keep the other decorations on the mantle and spider webs would make it look “old and creepy”.
We also picked up a few other decorations to add in! 

If you are looking for inexpensive halloween decorations, target is the place this year! Some of them are from the past, but most likely from target.This is the first Halloween decorating the new front entry! I want to do more, but not sure what??? Using pumpkins are the easiest way, add in some mums, and a little sign to complete a festive look. Next week I’m sure we will carve more pumpkins to give it a little more character.
Enjoy decorating with your kids, our decorations are a little off center, but my son can say he was the one who did it! 

Aesthetically yours,
Katie Brown 


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