Katie Brown

About katie

I have the chaotic life as most mothers do, I never in a million years thought I would become a ”stay at home mom” Itactually never even crossed my mind.
I loved my ever changing challenging life in the aesthetic world. I loved advancing in my career, being a role model to my young daughter, as well as show pride in my accomplishments. Surprise! The game of life is ever changing and sometimes the world as we know it, no longer exists. I was married at a young age, divorced before 30, a single working mom. This man (I now call my husband) can into mine and my daughter’s lives and swept us off our feet…in 2012 we completed our family with our son, Destin.

The past 5 years I have stayed “home” to raise my very busy daughter and my energetic son in rural Minnesota. I continue to work in the skincare world, I have a passion for ingredients and the effects they have on the largest organ.

I have a full time job designing the renovation of our home, luckily some of the projects I am doing myself, all while recovering from spine surgery. I have a passion for real food with exquisite taste. I volunteer in many areas, hoping to build a better place for my children. If it isn’t too windy and the lake isn’t Frozen, we are boating on our lakes…doing what we love.
I am very excited to begin sharing my ideas, work, and connecting with amazing people. 💞

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