The focus around one’s life is food….once I started to take the time to make real food a priority in our family, It opened a new door for me. I became obsessed with ingredients and flavor.

I love unique dishes, not using a recipe….coming up with something similar to what i may have had at a restaurant or soemthing I saw on a menu. I named this catagory “plates” because, it is usually just that- a plate.
I do not make casaroles or bake a batch of anything. Mostly it is a one or two serving size. My husband often gets frustrated, he says “you need to make that again”,  My response is along the lines of “I have no idea what i used for spices in it”! Opps! Happens all the time.
I am happy to be sharing these now, maybe now I can look back and recreate what I have made because of documentation in my blogs. Enjoy, and please create your own version of what I share on the blog!

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