Quinoa salad

Quinoa preperation

Learn an easy way to rinse Quinoa!

Quinoa is an amino acid powerhouse, gluten free, packed with protein, and easy to make & use!  Quinoa comes usually in a light brown color, but also “rainbow” in red and black. I put Quinoa in my salads, sushi rolls, spring rolls, breakfasts, and stir fries. Tacos…I use it in tacos all the time! Really, anything  that you would use rice or “filler” it is a great substitute.

Quinoa salad
Quinoa salad

Quinoa is a wonderful add-in to many dishes! It is a seed, usually mistaken for a grain.

Unfortunately, Quinoa has a protective outer coating, called saponin. This coating protects the seed from insects, it’s a smart little seed! I learned of this after  I had been using quinoa for a few years, when often I would feel ill after, intense stomach pains would trigger shortly after ingesting. It took some time to connect what food that was doing this, and why. ( I am happy to say, I slowly added Quinoa back into my diet and so far so good!) With research, I found tons! Of information on the web. If Quinoa isn’t rinsed correctly, or at all- it can cause some serious intestinal issues. Most packages of Quinoa state “rinse throughly” there is good reason for this! Rinsing it, helps to dissolve the saponin (soapy) coating, which is what can cause sensitivity in some people. Nut bag

Have you ever tried to rinse Quinoa? Half of it ends up down the drain! It becomes impossible to get all the seeds into the pan, because they stick to the sides of the measuring cup and spoon. The seeds are too small for most strainers, so I tried out my nut milk bag. It worked perfectly! Easy to rinse and get the seeds in the pan to cook them up! I find nut milk bags are very useful for many things, not just for making your own nut milk.

Quinoa in nut bag

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