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Skin care products are everywhere!

Ever skin care top brandSkin care products are everywhere!blended aesthetis

Big box stores, department stores, salons, Dr. offices, drugstores, convenience stores, supermarkets, commercials, online Ads, even your neighbors and friends are selling skincare! It is so overwhelming  for most! Many people believe the before/after photos that are posted, or your friend sells a certain brand and you want to trust their friend, right?! 

For over 18 years, I have worked with more than just a few skin care brands. Beginning experiences in the professional world I was trained and attracted to the salon/spa brands.
They smelled amazing, felt great, the packaging was aesthetically perfect. These products were used during the facials, I would recommend to my clients to use at home. Usually the same products in the facials, you can use at home. Luxury skincare is amazing for some skin types, especially mature or acne depending on the brand.Ever skin care Katie brown

While building my spa clientele, I worked for a large department store for a large cosmetic company. I found so many women purchasing these products without hesitation! These were your pricey, fragrant long ingredient list brands. If you research some of these ingredients it can be shocking as to WHY? They would be in skincare!Skin care and molecule size
It has always been surprising as to why/where people purchase skincare, and how much money they spend on the wrong products for them! As an aesthetician, at the spa and when working medical skin care, it was so tough to get clients to purchase the skincare and make-up from me(!). They would tell me they get it from a friend, or a “nice lady” at the department store. It baffled me (along with other aestheticians) and still does! Don’t get me wrong, I know so many amazing people selling skin care that are not trained, they have researched and know their products and some even will seek out help from professionals for the correct information.  I have a few friends that have educated themselves and some that focus on the health of the skin, and the ingredients used.

The learning experience about ingredients, molecule size, what ingredients can counteract to each other, and trial/error really came into reality when working with medical skin care. How skincare as a whole, set in when learning about  prescriptions ingredients, how ingredients can or cannot penetrate to the lower levels of the skin. I started to look at skin care products differently.

As the years continued with education, hands on learning, experiencing trial and error, it became clear to me that skin care is not a one size fits all, it has to do with so many factors. Diet, lifestyle, age, environment, autoimmune disorders, sun exposure, commitment, what products that are being used together! As I had children and started to eat healthier, I started to research what these ingredients  really were composed of. Starting to really question what was on my skin and what went to the lower layers, and into my blood stream.

Wanting cleaner ingredients was my focus. Finding products wasn’t difficult, I knew these basic ingredients need more to make them “work”. As I started using these clean products, my skin suffered! It was so frustrating! Clean skin care=bad skin! I couldn’t win. I was making my own products, trying brands, going back to my “tried and true” but nothing had balance..Ever skin care Katie brownI found EVER. Perfect ingredients, and they work! Not only do they work, they avoid “dirty” ingredients” I was shocked! EVER was my answer, but they were not professional only. I kept thinking “how could a social sales brand (and a new brand) have these ingredients and I see results? How? I decided to give them a try, not to sell, to try. I love these products. Everyone using them (not selling) is seeing the results. Amazing!!Ever skin care

Whenever someone starts “advertising” on social media about the “product you must have and how to achieve financial freedom {insert MLM brand here}I RUN


That being said, I was so hesitant to try EVER or even think of it. The good thing was, no one contacted me. I found this product while researching ingredients and saw it was a Stella and dot brand, so I checked in with a friend who is a stylist with S&D, she said it was so new no one anywhere in this area was “selling” it. That made me feel better, I could anonymously get information, try, and for the past 9 months I can confidently recommend it to anyone and everyone! After a few months, I did start selling it (haha!!!) yes, it still makes me laugh a little.

If you are looking for clean skin care that will give you results, this is the brand to try! It also comes with a 45 day money back guarantee (it’s easy, believe me!) . Birthday credits, subscribe to save, referrals to friends, socials to earn free products, free shipping, and…beautiful healthy clean skin!!  I have over 20 customers that have been trying it along with me and the results are phenomenal!Ever skin care with Katie brown
Skin therapist Katie brown

EVER is a newer brand, and you’ll be impressed with the power team behind this brand. The women that are involved in the research, development, marking, and branding is quiet the list!

Ever skin care

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