Spiralized sweet potato egg

Sweet potato egg superfood

I love breakfast

I love making breakfast, taking the time to start the day with healthy energetic food.

Weekend breakfast usually is all dependent as to what we have on the agenda. School days, the kids get their favorites, like waffles or yogurt. Weekends are more along the lines of bacon, eggs, and toast. Sometimes I find myself making 3-4 different meals! Our absolute favorite is boating to a local establishment, not because of the quality of food, because of the experience. The kids love being outdoors so they can move around if they would like. The view is amazing, the fresh air is welcomed, and the summer sun…well, we live in Minnesota so it is always something we seek. We do this as often as possible, because lake life is a short season. 

Onto breakfast during the school year, this is my ME time. This usually happens around 9a.m. Or even 10. I make a “plate” size every time. I do not measure or make it exactly the same every time. This has become the one time of the day I do something for “me”. I am the chaos organizer in the house! One of the dishes I made the other day, is my absolute favorite!

 A poached or over easy egg, is what i reccomend with most breakfast bowls. The yolk adds flavor and helps to aid as a “sauce”. If the egg is over easy, I use coconut butter, red palm oil, or coconut oil. I add cayenne pepper, sea salt, garlic, and other seasonings as wanted.

I spirilize my sweet potato all at once, and use what i need. I use the paderno spirlizer, I have even gifted this kitchen helper- it is a must have! I place the spirilzed potato with one of the oils above and place on stove top with a cover over {mix often}. Covering keeps the heat and moisture in. I add the seasonings in their also, or on the egg.Once the potato’s are soften, they are done. I place them in a bowl, egg on top. I add in avocado (a staple in all my dishes), tomato, sweet peppers, bee pollen, raw honey (optional), spinach, fresh sprouts, or basil 🍃 (if available). It is the most delious little Moring boost!

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