Weathered gray chalk paint with polyurethane

Update your 1980’s childhood dressers!

You know Those oak dressers are real wood, they are built better than most of what is sold today….but, they are DATED! I will admit, I was very nervous when starting this project. What if my Dad found out I ruined them (sort of joking)! My biggest fear was making a mess of them. I could be safe and just sand and paint a solid color, I could really really sand (no thank you) and stain them, or i could use chalk paint as I have many times.

I had chosen our new bedroom colors of blush, gray, and white with hints of navy and rose gold. Living on a lake, I am drawn to “beachy” looks. I was thinking i wanted white washed weathered look. Not county, or milk paint like. I actually wasn’t sure what i wanted or how to achieve it.

I started by sanding, only by hand. There are Too many fine details to get the sander out. Then I used linen white chalk paint, i let that dry. I followed with a layer of aged gray chalk paint, let that dry and then lightly sanded. This wasn’t enough coverage so, repeat those steps.

Here’s the scary and interesting step i added in to “see” what it could make…..i went over it with weathered gray polyurethane i know….gasp! 

It was streaky and PERFECT! I have finished one dresser and a bedside table, and will work on the big mirrored dresser soon. I updated hardware and will add onto this post as I do more! Stay tuned!

1980’s dresser
Weathered gray chalk paint with polyurethane

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