Everyday reminders to help keep your skin clean

Ways to fight breakouts

Everyday reminders to help keep your skin clean

Breakouts are never welcomed. They usually show up at the worse times! I worked with teen acne as an aesthetician, and it was the most frustrating part of my job. No matter how many facials,home care products,light therapy,or diet changes I reccomended…..Hormonal acne would still show it’s ugly head! Guess what? Clients into their 60’s would come in for acne treatments, it seems to happen to everyone.

Here are a few tips to help with ongoing acne

Ways to combat breakouts

1.)First things first. ALWAYS use good skincare AND makeup! 

I cannot stress this enough!

what you use plays in important role on your skin’s health and how it regulates sebum (oil) production. Don’t just go by the package or what your friend says to use…look at the ingredients, google them! The other reason for this? Not all ingredients work the same for everyone. Once you learn what you are putting on your skin, after time this might help you stay clear of a certain ingredient, or learn your skin loves a particular one.

2.) drink water. Yes. Internally. Your skin is your largest organ, it needs water to function.

3.) again, your skin is an organ…feed it. Fruits, vegetables, leafy greens. It will thank you. Your skin doesn’t like sugar. It causes glycation of the skin cells, which simply put…makes your skin unhappy and sluggish.

4.) weed out or cut back on foods that your skin might not like, such as- animal products. Try and only eat/drink Meat and dairy that are not loaded up with extra hormones. Grass feed and organic are better choices. Dairy is often in more foods than you think, look at labels before you eat!

4.) change your pillow case! Flip it every night and change it every few days!

5.) wash your face before bed. No excuses.

6.) switch your makeup.  If your skin doesn’t improve after you start new skincare, makeup is usually a big culprit. The pigments in Blush cause inflammmation.

7.) wash your make-up brushes!! Here is an easy way easy make-up brush care

8.) wipe off cell phones, light switches, remotes, or anything you touch with your hands or face daily!

9.) Hats. If you get acne on your forehead, wash those hats!

10.)exfoliate, removing dead skin cells is a must. This not only helps keep the dead skin from binding to oil in your pores, but it also helps for products to penetrate into your skin.

Start with these tips and see what works for you. Contact [email protected] for specific questions!

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